Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to Catch up Again...

Unfortunately with my busy schedule, I have not posted a new blog in the last month. My fault! I wanted to update you however on the progress that I have made in the last month. It has been a exciting and hectic time for business. After the TV interview ran on Bay 9 news, we had people pouring in to give us encouragement and to place orders.
The press for Bay 9 News extended for several days before the new inquiries started to slow down from it. However, since then we have been getting a consistent amount of contact from small towns all over the US that have posted our Watch and Alert article in their paper. Off the top of my head, we've heard from Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Alabama, California, Missouri, Louisiana... and hopefully its not over yet.
It has been such an exciting time, I wish I knew all the correct steps to take in order to get our watches out as quickly as possible. Thank you for anyone who has helped support us. If you have any feedback or advice, feel free to share. You can view all of our products by clicking here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today I am overwhelmed with amazement and joy. I have had so many people reach out to me and help me along the way and finally I am getting some attention for the business. It has gone from non-existant to actually having local media attention. I am so BLESSED and with every breath the past couple of days I feel like I am experiencing a miracle. Not necessarily money, but purpose and justification that what i am aiming for people need, they want it, and they are so happy that someone understand the things they have experienced. I have gotten two articles and a television interview on a local newstation- Bay News 9 ( I am just happy and shocked all at once.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Article leads to more Press

I have wonderful news! After my article was published on Friday March 13, 2009, I got a phone call the same day from Bay News 9! They would like to do an interview with me Monday morning and it should air Monday night. I am so overwhelmed and shocked! I can not believe that there is such a quick response to our story. For anyone out there who has diabetes or any medical condition, I hope that you are also gaining support.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Article in the local paper!

I wanted to send a link for the article I talked about in my last post. I am so excited that Watch and Alert is getting some exposure. Please check out the ad and leave me some feedback.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Wave of Publicity

I haven't been very good about updating my progress on Watch and Alert lately. I wanted to spend several minutes recapping on last week. I have been in touch with a friend of mine who works for the TBT, a local fun paper aimed at a young crowd. On Friday we agreed to sit down and have an interview. It was a completely different experience than I am use to, a worked myself up and got way too nervous. As I should have expected the converstaion was very casual and I left very comfortable telling the reporter my company background. Afterwards we had to have a photo taken, so a professional photographer came to meet us at a local park. Having my photo taken is not one of my favorite things by a long shot, but again I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable the photographer and reporter made me feel. It was a great experience! The best part of it is that I will finally have some local coverage this week. My article is supossed to run on Friday March 13! I am very excited. I hope that it opens up awareness about the need and the options for anyone with a medical condition.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Watch and Alert Launches Line of Medical ID Watches

St. Petersburg, FL-A new company, Watch and Alert LLC, offers watches with a customized Medical logo and personal medical condition displayed on the face. It is another option for people with medical conditions to wear in case of an emergency.

Although there are a wide variety of bracelets and necklaces currently on the market as Medical ID’s, finding a medical ID watch that fits your style is much harder to locate. Watch and Alert is trying to create trendy watches that anyone will feel comfortable in and that are recognized as a medical alert tool in case of an emergency. Pinellas County EMS has been made aware of the new watch line and has passed on the information to their teams.

“It is important with the number of medical conditions increasing every year, we find an ID that people are willing to wear and are happy with the quality we provide,” says Jillian Rokowski, CEO of Watch and Alert LLC. “We need to get the word out that Medical Id’s can be as unique as an individual.”

In addition to the medical condition being listed in the face of the watch, all Watch and Alert customers will also receive an Emergency Wallet card to list more extensive information. Listing contact information, allergies, conditions, and medications so that medical staff can find them can save your life.

About Watch and Alert LLC
Watch and Alert is an online-based company
started in 2008 with the goal to have more people feel comfortable wearing
medical identification. They currently distribute unique line of watches with a
Medical logo and the person’s condition printed right on the face of the watch.

For More information contact Jillian Rokowski or visit our website at